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  • Source: Manziel 'hung over' at Browns' meeting Clippers suspend Griffin four games.
  • Source: Manziel 'hung over' at Browns' meeting Clippers suspend Griffin four games.

Our Work

  • Development

    Madhya Pradesh Women Finance and Development Corporation madhya Pradesh Women Finance and Development Corporation was established on 31st October, with the aim to economic and social Women Finance and Development Corporation', and registered under Society Registration Act- 1973. The Corporation's authorized share capital is 15.00 million. The following plans are being implemented by the Corporation.

  • Agricuture

    Farming is a hazardous industry. Farmers and farm workers work with potentially dangerous machinery, vehicles, chemicals, livestock, at height or near pits and silos. They are exposed to the effects of bad weather, noise and dust. The risks also include family members working at the farm and children living at or visiting the farm. .read more...

  • Education

    Common standards in K-12 education in key subjects – mathematics, English/Language Arts, and science -- have been developed separately in recent years, but there are areas where these standards overlap across subject areas. These intersections offer opportunities for synergy between avoiding conflicts in interpretation between teachers in the different areas. .read more...

  • Business

    In the social sciences, economics is the study of human choice behavior and the methodology used to make associated investment and production decisions; in particular, though not limited to, how those choices and decisions determine the allocation of scarce resources and their effect on production, distribution, and consumption. The word "economics" is from the Greek words ????? [oikos], meaning "family, household, estate", and ??µ? .read more...

  • Industries

    Totally Integrated Automation, industrial automation from Siemens, makes engineering efficient. The open system architecture covers the entire production process and offers maximum interoperability across all automation components. This is made possible by consistent data management, global standards, and uniform interfaces. These shared characteristics minimize engineering time. The result: lower costs, reduced time to market, and greater flexibility. .read more...

  • Economy

    business cycles, fluctuations in economic activity characterized by periods of rising and falling fiscal health. During a business cycle, an economy grows, reaches a peak, and then begins a downturn followed by a period of negative growth (a recession), that ends in a trough before the next upturn. The theory of business cycles is generally attributed to French physician Clement Juglar, who proposed in 1862 that such fluctuations were to be expected in any economic system. .read more...